Miniature Horse Training in Maryland

We Have the Proper Equipment & Resources for Training!

As experienced horse trainers at Hopkins Heavensent Miniatures, we understand that much time, effort, and money goes into successfully training a horse! Our passion and commitment for what we do translates to raising our Maryland miniature horses in the best way we possibly can. In addition, we enjoy working with youth and amateurs to develop their skills.

The following list includes the training options and training fees we handle:

  • Show training
  • Downtime and evaluations
  • Show preparation
  • General show expenses and accommodations
  • Transportation
  • Sellers agent fees
  • World show fees

We may offer discounts for clients who are training multiple horses during the same time period. Our goal is to do everything we can to encourage trust and respect between you and your horse. Call us today at (443) 206-4577 with any questions or concerns you may have about our training program.

Training Fees

SHOW TRAINING : Includes conditioning, training, stall board, feed, and all supplements as required. Also includes hoof trims & worming program on an 8-12 week schedule.


***Discount available for multiple horses from one owner***

DOWNTIME / EVALUATION : Horses on show diet, neck wraps, daily turnout/light exercise


SHOW PREP : Includes body shave, facial, dyeing mane/tail, & all topical products for the show arena


GENERAL SHOW EXPENSES : Includes staff, hotel, and other miscellaneous expenses and is split by the number of horses attending each show. Estimate provided prior to each show.

ADDITIONAL EXPENSES : Vet fees, entry fees, stall fees (including percent of tack stalls), and shavings will be billed at actual cost.

TRANSPORTATION : .35 cents per mile.

SELLERS AGENT FEE : 10% commission of sale price for any horse sold while in training or up to 60 days after leaving Hopkins Heavensent training center.


WORLD SHOW FEE : $1,500 flat fee per horse (multiple horse discount available). This includes transportation, show prep, body shaving & facials, and all trainer expenses payable prior to the horse leaving for the World Show. Additional costs will include entry fees, stall plus percent of tack stalls, and shavings which will be billed at actual cost.

Our Values

  • Strong Integrity Within The Miniature Horse Community
  • All Of Our Breeding Stallions Are World Champions
  • Cutting Edge Breeding Program
  • Award Winning Miniature Horses Around The World