Our Premier Miniature Horses in Maryland

Raising Animals with Spirit and Personality

At Hopkins Heavensent Miniatures, we have several years of experience raising world-class miniature horses in Maryland. Our horses are a true blessing from God and are a joy to train and be around. If you are interested in learning more about our horses, we would be happy to discuss them with you and answer any questions you may have.

We own many types of miniature horses, including the following:

  • Colts Our miniature colts are male horses that are under two years old. We train them to be expressive and prepared for the showring. In fact, many of our colts have won awards, ribbons and national and world titles based on their appearance and performance.
  • Fillies Many of our fillies, or young female horses, will grow to be between 30-34 inches tall. One of our fillies was the 2014 World Reserve Grand Champion, winning three titles. We continue to train miniature fillies for competition!
  • Foals We are preparing our foals that are one year or younger to be strong, reliable horses that are expected to perform well in future competitions. Our foals come in a variety of colors and sizes and will be excellent as show hroses, therapy horses or wonderful, loving pets.
  • Gypsys Our gypsy horses are beautiful, unique, and sturdy horses that are often piebald or skewbald. We groom them to become world-class horses!
  • Geldings If you prefer a calm and gentle miniature horse, you may want to consider a castrated horse known as a gelding. We can offer your gelding training and showing services. Our geldings have already proven themselves as wonderful show horses in both halter and performance.
  • HHM hall of fame We are proud owners of numerous World Champions! Take a look at our list and description of our miniature horse winners.
  • Mares We have adult female horses known as mares. Our mares have been trained and prepared for miniature horse showcases and will become valuable additions to breeding programs around the world.
  • Stallions Our adult male horses known as stallions are strong as well as highly skilled. Some of them have won numerous championships, which we can do for your horse as well!
  • Show string Our show string of miniature horses showcases some of our finest accomplishments! If you purchase one of these horses, expect a talented world-class horse!

As we raise our horses and cultivate their skills, we continuously work to build a professional training program of horses that you will be comfortable to showcase. Come to our Earleville farm to take a look at our unique miniature horses in Maryland. Contact us now at (443) 206-4577 for more information.

Our Values

  • Strong Integrity Within The Miniature Horse Community
  • All Of Our Breeding Stallions Are World Champions
  • Cutting Edge Breeding Program
  • Award Winning Miniature Horses Around The World