About Hopkins Heavensent Miniatures

Debra Hopkins is the heart and soul behind Hopkins Heavensent Miniatures. A horse owner and lover her entire life, she discovered miniature horses about eight years ago when she purchased her first breeding pair. This started the dream of some day retiring and owning and operating a miniature horse related business. With her early retirement in early 2008 and with the support of her family, this dream has become a reality. Debra cares for the horses full time and manages the Training/Showing program as well.

With the purchase of some wonderful show horses and great breeding stock from some of the finest breeders in the industry, the foundation for future success is assured. Great horses, first class facilities, a passion for the industry, and outstanding customer service are all cornerstones for the continued success of Hopkins Heavensent Miniatures.

Our Values

  • Strong Integrity Within The Miniature Horse Community
  • All Of Our Breeding Stallions Are World Champions
  • Cutting Edge Breeding Program
  • Award Winning Miniature Horses Around The World