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We breed for conformation and personality. Each horse has endless traits to be admired.


From Our Stallions to Our Mares

Every horse offers something special and unique.We strive for world class horses.


World Champion Miniature Horses

Maryland’s premier miniature horse breeding, boarding, & training.

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Maryland Miniature Horses

Breeding and Training World Class Horses

Are you thinking about purchasing a horse? Have you ever considered owning a miniature horse? At Hopkins Heavensent Miniatures, we have raised and trained world class miniature horses for many years. We own a variety of miniature horses and the resources for their care and well-being. Call us at our Earleville office at (443) 206-4577 today to learn more about our world class horses!

We raise and sell many types of miniature horses, including:

Our company first decided to raise miniatures after we had purchased a few and saw the joy that accompanies working with these wonderful animals. The name of our company comes directly from our belief that our property and everything we own is a great blessing from God. With our several years of experience, we’ve focused almost exclusively on miniature horses. We greatly adore our miniature horses and are proud of their achievements!

Carefully Chosen by Our Experienced Staff

As a family owned and operated business, we have the opportunity to raise our horses exactly the way we believe is best for their health, happiness, and well-being to allow their naturally radiant spirit to shine through. We have found that this joy is especially evident when our horses are in the show ring.

We have experienced success in the following endeavors:

  • World Grand & Reserve Grand Championships
  • World Championships
  • Amateur Championships
  • Reserve World Championships

The joy we gain while training and raising our horses is the joy we want you to experience from them as well! For world class miniature horses, speak with our team of friendly and knowledgeable specialists today. We provide boarding, training, foaling, breeding services both in the U.S. and internationally. Call our company at (443) 206-4577 today for more information about our mini horses!

Our Values

  • Strong Integrity Within The Miniature Horse Community
  • All Of Our Breeding Stallions Are World Champions
  • Cutting Edge Breeding Program
  • Award Winning Miniature Horses Around The World